Personal Training

Let’s get started.

Do you have a home gym or some gym equipment collecting dust?

Let’s start dusting it off. Josh provides in-home personal training to make it convenient and fun to get back in the groove of working out.

Josh has been NASM Personal Training Certified since 2017. He enjoys creating fun, personalized training programs for people of all experience levels.

1-1 In-home
Personal Training

Whatever home equipment you may have, I’ll teach you how to utilize it to it’s fullest potential while motivating and cheering you on.

Personal Training

Do you have a partner or friend you want to train with? Let’s train together! There is a discount for training at the same time.

Personal Training and Nutritional Therapy Packages

Interested in both Personal Training and Nutritional Therapy? Good! That’s the best way to see results fast. Let’s come up with a package that works for both of us.

Let’s start something beautiful together.