A Customized 3 Month Gut Healing Protocol

The overall goal of the protocol is to improve gut function and balance the gut microbiome. Personalized goals will be dependent on the results of nutritional assessment and functional tests. 

The Gut Protocol package includes:

● A 1-1 welcome call
● Nutritional questionnaires
● Two functional tests:
○ Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology Test x3,
○ MRT (Mediator Release Test) – a food sensitivity test, testing your immune reaction to 150 different foods and chemicals.
● Two live educational webinars:
○ First is on General Nutrition
○ Second is on Digestion and Mindful Eating
● A customized 3 month gut protocol based on the evaluation of your nutritional questionnaires and functional tests
● Six 1-1 Nutritional Therapy Sessions

Why Is Gut Health Important?

“All Disease  Begins In The Gut” – Hippocrates

Science is finally catching up to what Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago. “All disease begins in the gut.” We now know just how critical gut health is to overall health.

Gut health is linked to so many diseases and ailments including: acne, eczema, other skin issues, depression, anxiety, other mental health issues, obesity, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, allergies, digestive issues, migraines, and much more!

Addressing gut health is the most important place to start when striving for optimal overall health.

Functional Testing

Along with nutritional questionnaires, we will be using a Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology 3x which measures gut flora, looks for parasites, ova, and any imbalance in bacteria and yeast. This gives us a great picture of what is happening in your gut and how to address it. This is an easy at home test kit that comes with an overnight Fedex shipping label with at home pickup.

The second functional test we use is the MRT Food Sensitivity test: a Blood test that measures immune system reaction to 150 foods and chemicals. This tells us what foods you will need to avoid during the 3 month protocol to lower the burden on your gut and allow the gut to recover.  This test kit comes with everything you need for a local lab to draw blood and ship the sample overnight.

Customized 3 Month Protocol

Based on the evaluation of the nutritional questionnaires, and the 2 functional test. I will put together a customized 3 month protocol to address what is going on in your gut. The protocol will include nutritional recommendations, a supplement schedule and possibly some lifestyle changes.

For most people this 3 month protocol will be intensive, but life changing. I will ask you to change some of your eating habits as well as some lifestyle changes. Your success depends on your compliance, it may be challenging at times but I will be coaching you every step of the way and I promise you it will be worth it.

Along with lifestyle and dietary changes, I will recommend supplements including probiotics, digestive support, and gut healing nutrients.

Six 1-1 Consultations

Consultations will be either over the phone or on a video chat platform. The first consultation will be around 90 minutes. We will go over the questionnaires and the functional test results, and then I’ll take you through your custom gut protocol.

The remaining 5 consultations will be spread out among the next 3 months. These will be around 45-60 minutes and I will be coaching you through your protocol and adjusting recommendations as fits.

Along with the 6 consultations, you will have access to message me at any time.


GI MAP DNA Stool Analysis = $320 +$15 (shipping)
MRT Food Sensitivity Test  = $335
6 1-1 Nutritional Therapy Sessions = $900
And Much More for only

*Supplements and additional testing are not included and are dependent on the results of testing.

Save hundreds and sign up today and be on your way to a healthy gut!


The Gut Protocol


Please contact me with any questions and for more information.